XFN 13

Tonight we are live at XFN 13 at the Broward County Convention Center, In lovely Ft. Lauderdale Florida checking out the best Amateur fighters Florida has to offer.  We are sure a future MMA star will be competing tonight follow us through the night to find out who that may be as we give you live updates.



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Steven Maxxin vs. Stephen Pineda

Rnd. the 1st round went back and forth with Maxxin getting some sold kicks and strikes in at the beginning of the round and Pineda end the round on top working some punches – Round Pineda

Rnd. 2 Pineda takes Maxxin down early with a strike to the head, and once again end the fight on top in full mount striking – Round Pineda

Rnd 3 Pineda takes Maxxin down early and controls the fight from the ground the whole time – Round a Fight Pineda

Official Decision – Unanmous Pineda


Flyweight – Yuniel Torres Vs. Brandon Sagraves

Rnd. 1 Sagraves submits Torres by armbar at 2:03 in the 1st round.


Flyweight – Yusiel Torres Vs. Mike Campuzano

This is a grudge match between 2 guys that go to the same gym.  But have bad blood.

Rnd. 1 Campuzano works a couple of solid Guillotine, but is unable to get Torres to tap. rnd – Campuzano

Rnd. 2 Is a fairly slow round, Torres works a heel hook for the last minute of the round – Round Torres

Rnd. 3 Campuzano takes a stading 10 count after being knocked down.  But Campuzano end up winning the fight by rear naked choke at 1:57


Featherweight – Josh Gill Vs. Drew Meekins

Josh Gill takes this fight at 2:51 of the 1st round by rear naked chake


Muay Thai

Tj Wardell vs.  Christopher Weston

Rnd. 1 – After the first round TJ wardell landed more significant strike winning the 1st round

Rnd. 2 – Wardell comes out strong the way he finished the 1st by starts to gas out near the end – Rnd Wardell

Rnd 3. Christopher Weston wins with a standing 8 count



Mike Hill vs. Juan Raffo

Rnd. 1 – Rnd 1 went back and forth for the whole round they bot got a take down and had control – Rnd Hill

Rnd 2 – They both spend a significant amount of time on the ground, Hill ends the round with a flurry and takes the round

Rnd. 3 – Raffo knocks hill down to the ground early in the round, Hill recovers but doesn’t make any progress this round. Rnd. Raffo Winner Hill

Official Decision  – Unanimous Hill


Juliane Gonzalez vs. Duan King

Duan King wins by tapout in the 1st round


Jason Roberts vs. Hector Trinidad

Rnd. 1 Trinidad comes out strong. They battled back and forth for control in the clinch ending with a big throw from Trinidad.

Rnd 2 – Roberts COmes out strong with a takedown annd works the clinch.

Rnd 3 – They spent half the second round against the cage battling for control. No real significant strikes and no takedowns.

Offiial Dec. Unanimous Roberts


Jomi Escobar vs Miguel Baeza

XFN Innagural WElterweight Title

Rnd 1 Baeza comes out strong, Escoboza works hard for a couple of takedowns but does nothing with them… Round Baeza

Rnd 2 Baeza comes out strong and controls the whole round.  Round Baeza.


Corey Samuels vs. Jonathan Armoyan

XFN  Innagural Featherweight Title

Rnd 1 Armoyam catches Samuels with a knee and KO’s him early in the 1st just wait untilyou see this KO!


Bryan Cromer vs. Carl Ranieri

 XFN Light Heavyweight Title

Rnd 1 Bryan Cromer throws some heavy punches, but ends up catching a kick to the head and ends up loosing by referee stoppage midway through the 1st Rnd



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