MMA Futures is a showcase for up and coming fighters at the grass-roots level. We are where young fighters begin to build their fan-base. We started this website because we love MMA and respect the dedication and commitment these young fighters have for the sport. The respect, recognition and trust that we have gained among these young fighters has already grown beyond our wildest dreams. Our philosophy is simple; “We want to be a catalyst for young fighters.” We want to accelerate the relationship building process between young fighters and their potential fans.

Helping Fighters


People ask us all the time, “How did you conceive MMA Futures?” We say, “If The UFC = MLB then MMA Futures = AAA Baseball.” We give these young and mostly unknown fighters a way to represent themselves to a larger audience. We do that through broadcasting their live events, posting videos of their fights and giving them a forum to interact with their potential fans. We also host individual pages for each fighter in which they can tell their story, sell their merchandise and interact with their current and potential fans.

Jens Pulver Explains


We are able to show you a world where entitlement does not and cannot exist, where young fighters have to earn everything with guts and determination, where money does not matter. This is the pure sport of MMA! We love the challenge of creating something successful and even more, creating a platform for other people to become successful. Being in a position to help people is our passion and we love the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, being able to combine the two is the perfect dream situation for us. When one of these young fighters makes it to the big stage, wins a world title and thanks MMA Futures for helping them get there, THAT will mean success to us.

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We want to legitimize and render credibility to these young fighters as we applaud their efforts. We think the endorsement and involvement of three-time UFC World Champion Jens Pulver, gives us viable credibility and inspires these young fighters. We are also coming to realize that all of our hard work, passion and dedication to the sport of MMA are making supporters believe in us more and more every day. We think the most compelling part of any story is the struggle. We are on the same road and are sharing the same struggles as the young fighters we showcase. We are building our audience right along side of them. Our BRAND is the struggle and it belongs to all of us.


MMA futures was founded in December of 2012 by Nathan Rogers and Thomas Ortiz (Tommy O). The concept started with an idea to give exposure to small MMA events by webcast. The idea grew and evolved over time. We discovered that there is much more to provincial MMA than just a live stream broadcast. We wanted to develop a forum and platform in which young, amateur and newly turned professional fighters could interact with their fans and fans could watch live fights & archived videos and read articles & bios of their favorite local fighters. We decided that we would focus on the up and coming fighters and help them gain the recognition and notoriety that they deserve.

In January of 2014, we gained the endorsement of former UFC champion Jens Pulver and Jens has been a tremendous inspiration and mentor to us and to the up and coming fighters we cover. We have added many talented writers, journalists and commentators to add insight into the lives of these young fighters. In addition, we have added Jason Cole, an MMA analyst that focuses on up and coming fighters trying to make their way to the UFC. He posts weekly rankings of fighters across the country so that these young fighters know where they stand against the competition in their respective weight classes. We are also adding original content including; podcasts, live chats, fighter forums and original series that are in the works. We are very excited about the future and we thank you, the fans, for supporting us and these young fighters. MMA Futures is all about the FUTURE of MMA.


The MMA Futures Grey Hat Program was created to showcase an elite team of up and coming fighters and to create a fraternal brotherhood of like-minded individuals that have a common goal of being the best at what they do. Fighters are chosen from the ranks of amateur and professional MMA athletes that are on their way up to compete on the larger stage of the UFC.

These men are chosen by MMA Futures staff, fans and current Grey Hat Team members. We look for; 1. Passion, 2. Commitment, .3 Ability and finally 4. Performance. All of our Grey Hat Team Members are athletes on a rapid rise of success. We want to help them build a relationship with their fans and give them the exposure they deserve. We do this by giving them a forum to post video and image content, interact with fans and critics, sell merchandise and raise funds to assist in training, travel and equipment that they need to advance their careers in Mixed Martial Arts.

These men represent the purity of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. They do not do it for the money but for the passion. We are very proud to have each and every one of these men represent the MMA Futures Brand.