UFC Gym Responds to BJJ Coach Being called out

Ever wonder where your instructor got his training? The video that you’ve probably already seen (below if you haven’t) is in response to the allegations of falsified credentials in BJJ. The UFC Gym explains, from its corporate offices, the allegations.


On the tape, a BJJ instructor at that location is seen reluctantly answering questions in regards to his belt validation while nursing an injury. At the franchise owner’s request, we have become involved in our role as franchisor to help further validate whether the credentials this BJJ instructor used to obtain this position with the franchise are legitimate.  So far, unfortunately, we have not been able to find validation of that BJJ instructor’s Lineage or Belt history with the BJJ school he has referenced in Hawaii. As a result, he is no longer teaching BJJ at that UFC GYM franchise.

So it appears that the franchise has made the right move an without being able to legitimize it has let this guy go. The release also goes on to say that they will be certifying all BJJ instructors to insure the best possible training experience.

I’m interested to see what the former instructor has to say.

We care that fighters get the proper training from qualified individuals, last thing we want to see happen is someone heading into competition and not being prepared, that’s just flat scarey.

(Full Press Release)


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