Tyler Mathison vs Raufeon Stots – DCS 12 Validation

Tyler Mathison vs Raufeon Stots Dynasty Combat Sports 12 Validation

For the Dynasty Combat Sports Amateur Bantamweight Title

Round 1 –

Mathison opens up with heavy kicks and punches, Stots circles and counters rocking Mathison against the cage.  Stots clinches with Mathis but is backed up against the cage.  Mathison connects with knees to the body as Stots breaks free only to be put right back against the cage defending a takedown.  Mathison works in the clinch connecting with body punches and knees.  The two break and Mathison connects with a kick before taking Stots down, working in half guard until the round ends.

Round 2 –

Mathison misses with a kick before swarming Stots with strikes.  Stots connects with a solid jab before defending a takedown and grappling with Mathison.  Stots begins to dictate the pace while picking his shots from out of range.  Mathison is taken down but scrambles back to his feet and both fighters exchange combinations.  Mathison seems to be tiring while Stots has found his range and connects with heavy hands before shucking Mathison down to one knee before the round ends.

Round 3 –

Mathison comes in for a takedown but eats punches from Stots.  Stots stuffs the takedown of Mathison and works for a submission before standing up and striking with Mathison.  Mathison is bleeding from his nose and continues to eat punches from Stots who is boxing circles around him and connecting with kicks.  Mathison shoots for a takedown but is stuffed by Stots who gets back to his feed and blasts Mathison with heavy hands dropping him to the mat, Mathison grabs a leg while trying to gather himself but is pushed to his back and the fight ends with Stots in the guard of Mathison.

Raufeon Stots def. Tyler Mathison via Unanimous Decision

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