The Fighter Gets Paid!

Everyone has gone out to buy tickets for an event and bought them from the ‘Big Box’ ticket companies. It makes you wonder how the fighter gets paid. Typically these companies work exclusively with the hosting venue. Which means they are able to dictate the price that you are charged for their service.  They charge you and me, “the consumer”, a fee and they also take a small percentage from the promoter. When it is all said and done, you end up paying out the other end. In the MMA world, Promoters are issued Consignment Tickets from the box office, tickets that could be sold and then the fees paid back to the facility. They would issue tickets to the fighters for them to sell and would also sell tickets on their own.  On the day of weigh ins the fighters would return the unsold tickets to the promoter, and the promoter would give the fighters a cut of the tickets they sold.  This is how ticketing has always worked, and it is a chaotic mess for all parties involved. You’ve had some independent companies to try and compete, but honestly you have probably never used them.  But one such brand, that has become established in the MMA world, has changed the way ticket sales work, and have found a way to make sure the athletes get paid! was derived a few years ago, by a then retired promoter, known as Victory Jay.  He’d seen too much shady stuff happen with fighters and promoters in his career and came up with a way to make sure no one got ripped off. Think about it, you are putting several thousand dollars in tickets in fighters hands, what happens if they just decide not to show up to weigh ins?  Trust me it happens, or the promoter just chooses not to pay the fighters their percentage?  What if the fighter can’t travel all over the place to sell tickets, or has several people traveling to see them the day of?

So what did Cagetix do? And how did it get the point they are selling tickets for a very large percentage of the promotions out there, including, Shamrock FC, Legacy FC, RFA, King of the Cage, and Titan FC?   They changed the way people buy tickets.  They have created on online portal that tracks the consigned ticket sales for the fighters, in which you can choose what fighter you want to support, the event and the type of ticket.  This is set up by the promoter, so they have all the control over it.  Cagetix takes a small percentage of the ticket sale, a percentage goes directly to the fighter, and the rest goes to the promoter to cover their expenses.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a much better system for getting the tickets sold.

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