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FAC 24 Recap: Explosive Action and Surprising Upsets Galore

The dust has settled on another exhilarating night of mixed martial arts action as FAC 24 unfolded on May 3rd, 2024. With a lineup packed full of promising talent and seasoned veterans, the event delivered a series of thrilling bouts that left fans on the edge of their seats. The headline of the night belonged to Zach Scroggin, who cemented his status as the 170lb...

FAC 24: A Night of Thrilling MMA Action in the Heart of the Midwest

Fighting Alliance Championship (FAC) gears up for another adrenaline-fueled event as FAC 24 descends upon the cable Dahlmer Arena just outside Kansas City in Independence, Missouri, on Friday, May 3rd. Renowned as a powerhouse in the Midwest MMA scene, FAC consistently showcases top-tier talent, grooming fighters destined for the grand stage of the UFC. FAC 24 stands as no exception, boasting a roster of...

Michael Duffy vs Zach Hughes: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Michael Duffy vs Zach Hughes at Dynasty Combat sport 9 for the Amateur Welterweight Title

Robert Barajas vs Morgan Schultz: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Robert Barajas vs Morgan Schultz at Dynasty Combat Sports 9 for the recently vacated DC Amateur featherweight title.

Nicholas Carbajal vs Nick Sutton: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Nicholas Carbajal vs Nick Sutton -Sutton stuffs initial takedown attempt by Carbajal but quickly finds himself working from his back.  Carbajal transitions into a guillotine...

Ethan Hopp vs Dan Shimkus: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Ethan Hopp vs Dan Shimkus at Dynasty Combat Sports the Dedication

Jake Kocanda vs Christian Hoefling: Dynasty Combat Sports 9

Jake Kocanda vs Christian Hoefling at Dynasty Combat Sports the Dedication