Synergy FC’s Inaugural Striking Series Event Showcases Thrilling Fights in Neosho, Missouri


On Saturday, May 20th, the anticipation and excitement were palpable as Synergy FC presented its highly anticipated first Striking Series event in Neosho, Missouri. Combining the electrifying disciplines of kickboxing, professional Muay Thai, and boxing, this hybrid combat sports extravaganza promised an unforgettable night of hard-hitting action. Fans were treated to a lineup of talented fighters showcasing their skills, and the event delivered on its promise, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the evening. Let’s dive into the thrilling results of this memorable event.

Kickboxing Showdowns

The kickboxing segment of the card delivered fast-paced and explosive battles that set the tone for an action-packed evening. Caleb Ball showcased his dominance, securing a second-round TKO victory over Gervin Juarez, displaying his precise striking skills and relentless aggression. The second fight of the night ended swiftly, as Seth Byrd overwhelmed Lia Aung, culminating in a TKO just 1 minute and 47 seconds into the first round.

In a closely contested match, Connor Pinkley emerged victorious over Ethan Williams via a unanimous decision. Both fighters demonstrated incredible heart and skill, but Pinkley’s strategic approach and calculated strikes earned him the judges’ favor. The fourth bout of the night witnessed a hard-fought battle between Colton Vaught and Cole Horton, with Vaught ultimately claiming the majority decision. It was a test of grit and determination, as both fighters pushed the limits in their quest for victory.

Muay Thai Fireworks

The professional Muay Thai bouts ignited the arena with breathtaking displays of technique and power. Tristam Christiansen wasted no time, dispatching Jeff Allen in a mere 21 seconds of the first round with a devastating knee to the head, resulting in a knockout. It was a lightning-fast finish that left the crowd in awe of Christiansen’s explosive prowess.

The standout fight of the night in Synergy FC’s Muay Thai division showcased the talents of Zerek Zumwalt and Cody Carillo. In a back-and-forth battle, Zumwalt emerged triumphant, securing a hard-earned decision victory. The fight demonstrated the fighters’ resilience and determination as they showcased their technical proficiency and heart in every exchange.

Thrilling Boxing Showcases

The boxing segment of the event delivered its fair share of intense bouts, starting with a closely contested match between Kendon Smallwood and Steven Alexander, which ended in a draw. Both fighters displayed commendable skill and heart, making it difficult for the judges to determine a winner.

In the co-main event, Brian Jones and Frankie Sparks engaged in a fierce battle. After a hard-fought contest, Jones emerged victorious, showcasing his superior technique and strategic boxing acumen.

Finally, the main event of the evening featured hometown favorite Theran Crouch against Lamichael Williams. Crouch wasted no time in displaying his dominance, stunning the crowd with a knockout in the very first round. The explosive finish left no doubt about Crouch’s power and solidified his status as a formidable force in the boxing realm.

Synergy FC’s inaugural Striking Series event in Neosho, Missouri was a resounding success, delivering a night of high-energy combat sports action that will be remembered by fans and participants alike. From the thrilling kickboxing clashes to the explosive Muay Thai encounters and intense boxing matchups, every fight showcased the dedication, skill, and determination of the athletes involved. The event provided a platform for these fighters to shine, leaving theaudience eager for more electrifying events from Synergy FC in the future.