Why would I become a fighter?

“If you have discipline, drive and determination…nothing is impossible.”- Dana Linn Bailey.

I try to take this quote mentality through my life and training every day. I believe that if I work hard enough and dedicate myself every day to becoming a better fighter and person I can achieve whatever goals I set to myself. I may not have to same reason as others for fighting nor the background that some fighters have but I started fighting a little less than a year ago with little to no background with wrestling or martial arts. I was around the sport quite some time before I decided I wanted to take the personal challenge. Not a whole lot of females do it with the pure fact most do not have the background. I have always been huge into fitness and health, and decided one day I was going to step in the cage and fight, multiple people doubted me. I am one who strives off of people telling me I can’t, or I won’t, I took all the negative words I received and began working. I did not start my MMA career on the right foot; I was training independently with Cody Land when I took my first fight. Looking back, I was no means ready, but I was determined, I lost my first fight, but with a loss, this did not stop me. I went back to the drawing board and started over. I was offered a fight five months later against a tough girl who had been training quite some time, at this point I had established myself at a gym and was vigorously training, learning new things daily. Going in to this fight, I felt confident, strong, and well prepared. We went a three round battle, and lost by decision. However, we ended up getting rewarded fight of the night for going to war. I have now found my home at Lincoln MMA, in Lincoln Nebraska, where I have a strong team who backs me. I recently fought in Columbus, where I received my first win; I cannot even begin to explain how much I wanted this win and how hard I worked for this win. I know I have a bright future ahead of me, with the dedication and determination I have. I would like to take a moment to thank my gym, Lincoln MMA, Jeff Alexander for being a phenomenal coach, my corner men, and teammates. Thank you to Train with Dc Management/Dynasty Combat Sports for always providing outstand shows for us fighters to fight on, huge thank you to Tower Robinson and Justin Weaver for always keeping me in check. Also, thank you Nate Rogers and MMA Futures for giving me the opportunity to write this article.

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