Robert Barajas vs Morgan Schultz: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Robert Barajas vs Morgan Schultz

-Both fighters playing it safe while finding their range to start RD 1, both fighters landing significant strikes and begin to tee off.  Barajas pressures Schulz again the cage and is reversed by Shulz throwing knees and breaking the clinch.  Both fighters guaging distance well and staying out of range, Barajas lands a takedown before the end of RD 1.  Barajas headhunting early in RD 2, and secures a takedown and gains sidecontrol before Shulz is quickly back to his feet.  Back and forth, punches and kicks are traded with both fighters showing fatigue. Barajas runs a single leg and lands another takedown before the end of RD 2.  RD 3 begins with big swings from both fighters, Shulz pressures Barajas against the cage and is teeing off but is cut short and both meet at the center of the cage trading big blows.  Barajas shucks a takedown attempt by Shulz and finishes round 3 with a big knee to the head.   Richard Barajas wins DC Featherweight Belt via Unanimous Decision.

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