Reaction to Proposed UFC Drug Testing

There were a lot of policy change propositions made in Las Vegas yesterday. If all of the new polices come true, this will forever be known as the greatest step forward to clean up the sport of MMA in UFC history.

At a special press conference to discuss the recent Performance Enhancing Drug test failures in the UFC, Dana White and promotion officials outlined a drastic new drug testing program. The program will be implemented on July 1st and will see all five-hundred-plus fighters on the roster subjected to random, year-round, out-of-competition drug testing. And mandatory, out-of-competition drug testing for main event and championship fighters.

The penalty for a violation of the policy is severe. The UFC vowed to advocate the following: anywhere from a two to a four-year suspension for first-time offenders. Does anyone remember the days of Eric Dickerson and SMU? This would be the same as an NCAA death sentence in college football.  In MMA, a sport where the windows for success in competition are already fleeting, most think that this penalty will make doping not worth the risk.

Check out Some Fighters’ Reaction to the News:

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