Raufeon Stots vs Emeka Ifekandu – Kearney Caged Warriors

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]MMA Futures traveled to Kearney, Nebraska for Raufeon Stots vs Emeka Ifekandu at Dynasty Combat Sports Caged Wars. MMA Futures Grey Hat, Raufeon Stots faced Emeka Ifekandu. Stots hurt Ifekandu early in the first round taking him to the ground. Stots remained in control from the top to land several heavy hands to the head and body after gaining the full mount position. Ifekandu escaped and the two men returned to their feet halfway through the first round exchanging blows to the bell.

In the second round, Ifekandu scored some early inside and outside leg kicks but Stots took him down early and maintained side control dropping some heavy hands and elbows.  Stotts forced a near submission late in the round with a deep Kimura armlock.

Early in the third round, the two men went toe to to again until Stots took down Ifekandu for the final time and in full mount landed heavy blow after blow until the round ended. Stots won the Dynasty combat sports Bantam weight title by unanimous decision…

To watch the fight in it’s entirety click on the above link.

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