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Lehi Dominguez talks with Funky Monkey MMA Radio

Lehi Dominguez discuesses his upcoming fight this Friday night at Clash MMA 7 in Logan Utah. Funky Monkey MMA Radio has new episodes all the time,...

Meet Gaston Tonga Reyno

Meet Gaston Tonga Reyno, owner, coach and fighter out of Glory MMA and Fitness in Kansas City. We don't love the sport because of...

Patrick Fletcher vs Leviticus Roberson

Patrick Fletcher makes his cage debut against the tough Leviticus Roberson

Ashton Caniglia vs Anthony Lott DCS 8

Ashton Caniglia comes into the lions den in Columbus NE to face hometown favorite Anthony Lott

Seth Snodgrass Vs Micah Petrowsky DCS 8 Fights at Ag Park

The veteran vs. the new guy, Seth Snodgrass comes in with 14 fights under his belt where as Petrowsky is in the cage for only the second time.

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