Nolan Demers vs David Monk – Kearney Caged Warriors

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]MA Futures traveled to Kearney, Nebraska for Nolan Demers vs David Monk at Dynasty Combat Sports Kearney Caged Warriors. MMA Futures was reporting cage side as Nolan Demeers faced David Monk. Demers came out early in the first round with several strong hands And took Monk down maintaing control with Monk in half guard. Demers gained a full mount position and landed several pounding hands and elbows before the fight was stopped with 1: 30 left in the first round.

Monk was defenseless and the fight was stopped in a technical knock out. Demers won the Dynasty Combat Sports bout by TKO…

To watch the fight in it’s entirety click on the top header link.

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