Niko Carbajal: A Fighter’s Journey Back to the Cage

In the world of mixed martial arts, resilience and determination are often the defining traits of fighters. One such fighter, Niko Carbajal, hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, is about to step back into the cage after a nine-year hiatus. In an exclusive interview with MMA Futures, Niko shared his story, his motivations, and what this comeback means to him

The Journey Back:
Niko Carbajal’s journey in martial arts began with wrestling during his youth, a sport that instilled discipline and determination in him. After high school, he ventured into grappling and soon found himself in the world of professional MMA. However, life took him in a different direction, and he put his fighting career on hold.

For nine years, Niko put his focus on family and other aspects of life. But the fire to compete never truly extinguished. “This is what I enjoy doing,” Niko said when asked why he chose to return to the cage. Over the years, he received numerous fight offers, but it was only recently that he decided to say yes.

Facing Justin Weaver:
Niko’s return fight is against Justin Weaver at Kearney Cage Wars, which can be watched live at on September 9th. Both fighters have taken time off from the sport, making this bout an intriguing matchup.

For Niko, stepping back into the cage holds deep emotional significance. It has been nine years since his last fight, a period marked by personal loss and life changes. This fight represents not just a comeback but a new beginning, a chance to honor his late brother and pursue his passion once again.

Preparation and Mindset:
Despite his time away from the cage, Niko has been diligently preparing for his return. Recognizing that his opponent, Justin Weaver, is a formidable grappler, he has focused on cardio conditioning and rehab work. Niko aims to ensure he can endure whatever comes his way during the fight.

When asked about the mental aspect of returning after such a long hiatus, Niko likened it to riding a bike, acknowledging that some skills never truly fade. His wrestling background, ingrained in him since childhood, is expected to resurface as he gets back into grappling.

The Future:
Niko Carbajal’s comeback isn’t just about this one fight. He envisions a future filled with more fights, provided this journey goes as planned. While he currently lacks a home gym, Niko’s priority is to get back into the regional MMA scene, building new connections and pursuing a career in the sport once again.

Niko Carbajal’s story is one of resilience, perseverance, and passion for the sport of MMA. His return to the cage after a nine-year hiatus is a testament to the enduring spirit of fighters. As he steps into the cage to face Justin Weaver at Kearney Cage Wars on September 9th, fans and fellow fighters alike will be watching closely, eager to witness the next chapter in Niko’s journey. MMA Futures invites you to tune in and witness this remarkable comeback live at

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