Nick Sutton vs Mark Hooper – Kearney Caged Warriors

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]MA Futures traveled to Kearney, Nebraska for Nick Sutton vs Mark Hooper at Dynasty Combat Sports Kearney Caged Warriors. MMA Futures was reporting cage side as Nick Sutton faced Mark Hooper. Hooper came out early in the first round with several strong leg kicks and the fight was broken up by a low blow by Hooper. Sutton took the full time to recover. Hooper remained in control landing several heavy hands and leg kicks. The round ended with Hooper attempting a takedown as the bell rang.

In the second round, Sutton scored some early inside and outside leg kicks but Sutton returned later in the round. The two men remained on their feet exchanging blows. Hooper landed a strong superman punch that stunned Sutton with a little less than a minute to go in the round. The round ended with a slip by Hooper and Sutton taking the top with a couple of heavy fists.

Early in the third round, Sutton slipped again. The two me went toe to toe exchange hand and leg combinations. Hooper started to look tired late in the round with Sutton landing the majority of combinations and Hooper trying to stay away from him. The two men fell to the ground after simultaneous leg kicks with just under a minute to go. Sutton landed a strong body kick and several heavy hands to end the round. Sutton won the Dynasty Combat Sports the bout by split decision…

To watch the fight in it’s entirety click on the top header link.


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