Nick Klein: The Tenacious Fighter of Pura Vida

Nick Klein

Nick Klein, a professional mixed martial artist, has made a name for himself in the world of combat sports. With a record of 7-1 as an amateur and 3-1 as a professional, Klein has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. However, his journey to success was not easy.

Klein started his training at a small gym before he moved to Pura Vida, where he currently trains. His love for fighting dates back to when he was young. “I always wanted to fight,” Klein said. “It’s just me, it’s just what I do, what I’m driven to do.” Klein’s passion for the sport is evident in his dedication to training. He spends most of his time working on his grappling skills and perfecting his jab, which he loves to use during fights.

Although Pura Vida is his home gym, Klein has also worked with various wrestlers and strikers to improve his skills. He is known for his tenaciousness and going for broke during fights. When asked who he would fight for a bag of cash, Klein jokingly replied, “Give me Connor,” referring to Conor McGregor.

Klein’s most memorable win was his last victory over Tristin Overvig. He is also known as “The Amish Hammer” due to his long hair and beard, which someone commented on a post about him, and the name stuck.

Despite his success, Klein remains grounded and focused on his training. “Nothing changes, I’m always working, training, or with my family,” Klein said. He aims to rack up two more wins and spend time with his kids before he retires.

When asked who he would like to meet, Klein mentioned Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Outside of training, Klein enjoys snowboarding, gardening, and fishing.

Bare knuckle boxing is making some real noise in combat sports, but Klein admits that it can be overwhelming. To overcome his fear and anxiety, he watches his fights back and sharpens his mistakes. Klein believes that the physiological pressure in combat sports is greater than in other sports because it’s just you and your opponent out there.

Klein is also known for his ability to read fighters and give them proper advice. His advice to fighters is to embrace the anticipation and stay calm. He suggests putting yourself in the worst possible outcome and living there for the entire training camp.

When asked what motivates him, Klein replied, “Everything.” He is scheduled to fight Collin Huckbody on May 20th, and he is confident that he will come out on top. Klein attributes his success to his girlfriend Davita, his parents, and his team at Pura Vida.