New Motivation

There are many things in the process I’ve done, or not done intentionally. I’ve made changes to my diet, or at least tried to.  I’ve tried to keep myself from overeating ect. but one thing that I’ve avoided, that most may think is weird, I’ve avoided stepping onto the scale. I want my body and progress in the gym to be the judge of where I am. scale bfSo, last Sunday I went back to the doctor and got on their fancy scale, this thing gives me all kinds of info not just my weight, and it’s pretty darn cool. But what did I learn from stepping on that scale? I’m down 3 lbs of body fat in 2 months, even though I was 10 lbs lighter than the last time I stepped on the scale. Considering I need to lose another 45 of the fat lbs I need to make some pretty significant changes to what I’m doing, talk about new motivation, it’s time to step up my game.

Monday I started a weight training plan in the gym from, called “12 WEEK DAILY TRAINER WITH KRIS GETHIN!” and to this point I’m really enjoying the workouts.  I will not be following the nutrition plan, mainly because I know that it’s not something I’ll be able to stick to forever and chris gethanI need to find something I’m comfortable enough with that I can stick with it beyond those 12 weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only done the first 2 days of this training, but it’s good being able to go to the gym and knowing what needs to get done, without paying for a personal trainer, which is probably the best way. My plan is to find a food plan that works for me this week, something I can plan around, because if I’m not prepared I tend to eat crap.  I’m also making a habit of getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Typically, I don’t get to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning as I am working on other stuff.  I know in order to get in everything I want to get done I’ll need to get up earlier and I need to get more sleep. So, all this week I’ve been forcing myself to be in bed by 11pm, even though I’m still not getting to sleep that early it’s the first step right?

Tip of the Week

Motivation – Everyone is motivated in different ways, and the same motivation may not be the same every day.  Find a way to motivate yourself, whether it be standing naked in front of the mirror, hanging out with your friends that you think are in better shape than you, or stepping on that scale.  And keep something in your back pocket, sometimes you need that new motivation to get you back on track much like I did.

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