Moving Past Doubt

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been afforded the opportunity to write one of these posts, by that same token my gym routine has been thrown off to the fact I think I only made it once last week.  I’ll be honest after the last couple weeks I almost made the decision to give up on this, I know that a couple weeks off from my routine could be a major set back for achieving my ultimate goals.  I want to start moving past doubt.

I stay determined and keep my eyes on the prize of achieving that goal on Friday I will be exactly 9 weeks from weigh in day.  The last couple of weeks have been a beast, first we had the week of thanksgiving, I had my daughter for that week and of father daughtercourse my goal was to spend as much time with her as I possibly could, Seasons Beatings live linkas I won’t be going to see her for Christmas like I normally do.  And of course, taking a week off from my life set me back with other things, mainly the content for last Friday nights Season’s Beatings, in which we did all the video production. As you have probably noticed looking at our website for the last 2 weeks.  Last week was especially tough as I was only sleeping a few hours a night to get things done and didn’t have time to do much else.

After those couple of weeks has been tough trying to get back on the gym routine, I’ve made it once this week and it was quite difficult, I was unable to complete the workout, and just was generally down about it.  I didn’t go yesterday, but I will be getting back on pace the rest of this week and next.  And with 9 weeks out, its time to seriously get on my diet, the longer I wait the harder it’s going to be, and I know that.  Also long term loss requires some long term decisions on diet.  So we will see how the next week or two goes, hopefully I can start shedding the pounds fairly quickly but we will see. Chicken and rice for me.

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