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PICT0203It may be commonplace to find a trendy CrossFit or spinning “Studio” offering classes, those looking for an all-in-one workout should consider the more traditional martial arts. Martial arts are great for muscle conditioning and strength training. It is an aerobic and anaerobic workout combined in one.  In most martial arts movements, you’re using every muscle in your body to complete the moves. This is unlike what you do in strength training where you want to isolate each muscle group. This makes it great for toning and gaining strength in a shorter period of time since you’re using almost every muscle. And there is an MMA fitness gym near you in many cities.

Those Ex-pros who teach or train students in martial arts say the practice has many benefits; not only does it burn calories and build muscle, it also serves a dual purpose of helping people get into shape while at the same time teaching self-defense. Martial arts has a practical application and offers both a physical and mental workout. By becoming stronger, more fit and learning how to defend yourself; you can be healthier, less stressed and more confident. If you want a martial arts class, there are plenty of different styles, each with a different focus.

rampage-fitness-academy-headerJujitsu, for example, is a slower, more technical style that requires a lot of aerobic capacity, flexibility and core strength. Judo is Much like Juijitsu although it is faster paced and requires more anaerobic conditioning. Both are more of a grappling or wrestling technique that don’t involve kicks or punches. If you dig deeper, there is boxing and kickboxing, which are striking styles that offer both an anaerobic and aerobic workout, meaning both endurance and explosive strength. Now, at the top level there is mixed martial arts, or MMA, which involves almost every aspect of sport fighting. Just ask your local Ex-pro, MMA is considered one of the hardest sports in the world for conditioning.

And still, other styles of martial arts are completely different. A style such as tai-chi is generally a slow and fluid style, and is like a moving meditation. Tai-chi also offers mental and physical health benefits with less risk of injury. Martial arts can become a sanctuary to a life of fitness for anyone. Not only are martial arts great workouts, but they are intensely enjoyable. The best workout is one that gets you in shape that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy your workout, you are more likely to repeat it. The style of martial arts that a person chooses to train in should fit their physical capabilities, lifestyle and personality. No matter which style a person chooses, most martial arts training involves skills such as balance, mobility, strength and discipline and performance training such as power, speed, agility, and quickness.

You may not want to train to compete in the octagon. But the great thing about martial arts training is that you get variety, within each class you can expect both strength and cardio in a way that challenges you through practical application. So why not look for the fitness center where aspiring mixed martial artists go? Former professional mixed martial artists are some of the best trainers for getting yourself into the best shape that you can, in the quickest time possible. So look up your local MMA gym because experience is something these ex-pros have in abundance.

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