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Surprisingly not all over the MMA news right now there is some big things happening in the local and regional MMA scene.  While everyone is talking about GSP, and the UFC layoffs, the 1st company to be publicly traded in the MMA world has made it’s IPO.  Alliance MMA, for lack of a better term has become one of the if not the only MMA conglomerate out there.  Bringing promotions from across the country together including Caged Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC), based out of Philadelphia, Combat Games MMA (COGA), based out of Seattle, Hoosier Fight Club (HFC), based out of Indiana, Shogun fights, out of Baltimore, and V3 Fights, out of Memphis, to work towards a common good.  Also in this group are two groups we work very closely with that will be playing support roles to the promotions in this group.  CEO Paul Danner talked about what they look to achieve in the future and one of the things they are after is PPV sales, and having one of our partners Go Fight Live, GFL.TV, you can watch all MMA Futures events there, on board gives them the infrastructure to do that.  And with the addition of Nebraska’s own Cagetix, Cagetix.com, they then also have the ability to expand ticket sales while also allowing fighters to get a cut of the proceeds.  And based on what Danner said on his behind the bell interview this is only the beginning of what they have in store.

Alliance MMA is Planning in the next 12 months to expanding to doing 125 shows a year, that a little more than one show every Friday and Saturday of the year, and more content than UFC Fightpass offers.

There is some cool things that this group wants to offer, I’m sure they’d like to contract fighters to fight for their organization, this allows a couple of things, it gives the promotions reason to help promote the fighters, by making it so their effort doesn’t go to waist.  I mean you put time and money into promoting a fighter and making it so they sell more tickets and PPV’s you don’t want them to take that down the street and make more money for another organization.  It also allows the match makers from each organization to work together and create the best fights possible by taking fighters from one organization and using them in another.

I’m sure this isn’t the last time you hear about Alliance MMA from us as I’m sure they have intentions on moving to the midwest at some point.  Who knows with their quiet period ending on Nov. 15th we may hear more in less than a month.  Regardless this is something all MMA fans should be keeping an eye on over the next 6-12 months.

Watch the complete Behind the Bell interview with Paul Danner here.

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