MMA 101: Finding Sponsors

Anyone who has reached a higher level in combat sports knows that while there is money to be made, it is only at the very upper echelons of MMA that the big bucks are handed out. In Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, this is even less true. That leaves up and coming fighters, and many professional ones, with three choices – fund their own training, acquire sponsors to help offset the cost of coaching fees, equipment, travel, and nutrition, or scrape by on money earned from competing professionally. Most fighters find they have to do a combination of all three, and while many would like to acquire more sponsors to ease the financial strain, they’re often unsure of how to go about it. Here are three tips to make the process easier:

Create An Athlete Profile

You can’t expect businesses to know who you are unless you show them. Take a few hours and put together a well-written summary of your accomplishments and goals. Be creative – this isn’t a resume, it’s your chance to showcase who you are as a person and an athlete. Make it multimedia and add photos and even videos, depending on the format you use. Include your social media links, contact information, and any upcoming fights or competitions.

Find Products And Businesses That You Have A Genuine Interest In

No one wants to be solicited by someone who has no knowledge of their product. Start with products you have used and believe in. Start with businesses where you are a frequent customer. When looking for additional sponsors that you don’t have a prior tie to, do you research. What are their products like? Their business? Show them that you’re interested enough to invest the time into learning more about them and how you can help promote their products and business.

Promote Your Current Sponsors

Once you have sponsors, treat them well. How well you promote your current sponsors will show potential sponsors what they can expect from you. Don’t be that athlete who lines up sponsor after sponsor and forgets about them as soon as they’re on board. Your goal is to cultivate long-term relationships with the right sponsors for you, not play a numbers game. The latter may pay off in the beginning, but it’s the former that will support you during your fight career.

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