Well, it appears I didn’t make a post last week for this blog.  Well I haven’t forgotten about it, trust me, my body tells me I’m working and working hard. Something I noticed this week, no amount or type of success comes without pain. My body is sore from lifting and training with the goal of getting in better shape and learning this sport I hold so dear. on top of the mountainThat’s the part I have always understood, “No Pain No Gain”, the last couple of weeks have taught me that this “pain” isn’t just of the physical variety. Working to make MMA Futures successful has it own set of pains, whether it be the stress of making sure things are getting done and we are servicing our customers properly, or the emotions of seeing everyone around you being successful in other parts of their lives while it feels at times you’re just spinning your wheels trying to move forward.

But just like seeing your body transformed after months of hard work at the gym and on the mats you have the ability to see the same types of success in other areas of you life, sometimes working on a slingshot to accelerate you through those other parts of your life. That being said, not everyone succeeds at everything they do, thanksgiving-dinnerfailure is part of life, when 2 people step into a cage one of the guys has to step out of the cage as a loser, they may have done everything in their power to win the fight, but maybe the opponent was essentially a better athlete. Anyways, I’ve been on point with the weight training program, and people have started to notice the body transformation, even though I’m not seeing it on the scale. Diet will be getting kicked in after thanksgiving giving me 10 weeks to cut the fat, and hopefully that will be sufficient, we will see.


Tip of the week – Failure

Keep expectations reasonable, if you walk into something with a goal that is unattainable you will surely fail, and know when giving up on something is for the better. There is always a possibility that deciding to fail at one thing can make other things successful, for example, maybe leaving a job that you make 6 figures at but keeps you away from home will keep you from failing you family at home.  Just something to think about, sometimes failing is for the better.

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