Mercedes Timmerman vs Jen Bacon – Kearney Caged Warriors

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]MMA Futures traveled to Kearney, Nebraska for Mercedes Timmerman vs Jen Bacon at Dynasty Combat Sports Caged Warriors. North Platte’s own Mercedes Timmerman (4-1) faced rookie Jen Bacon in her debut fight.

Both women came out strong in the first round exchanging hands.  Bacon, early in the first round took Timmerman to the ground to gain a top position. Timmerman defended in a full guard. Bacon dominated Timmerman throughout the first round landing some heavy blows. Blood was coming from the nose of Timmerman as the bell sounded.

In the second round, Timmerman took Bacon down early and attempted a rear naked choke.  Bacon reversed and gained control on top with Timmerman again in full guard. The two stalemated in that position throughout the majority of the round until they were stood up by the referee to end the round.

Early in the third round, Bacon scored another take-down and they remained on the ground with Timmerman in full guard throughout the rest of the round with very little action. Bacon won in her debut appearance by unanimous decision…

To watch the fight in it’s entirety click on the above link.

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