MCC 57: Schmauss vs Sessi

MMA Futures is live in Des Moines Iowa for MCC 57: Schmauss vs Sessi.  Stay tuned right here for all the play by play goodness as the night goes on!


Emmanuel Colon Vs. Patrick Breese

Ben Halder Vs. Brad Davis

Dominik Tenny Vs. Shawn Stampers

Mike Graham Vs. Anthony Salazar

Jeremy Castro Vs. Jeremiah Deever

Chuck Cook Vs. Nate Endres

For the MCC Amateur Bantamweight Title

Justen Shannon Vs. Roy Moore

for the MCC Amateur Middleweight Title

Matt Bear Vs. Terrance Reasby

Marcelo Nunes Vs. Miguel Rios

Kristen Sessi Vs. Todd Schmauss

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