The Matzah Brawler

My name is Aaron (The Matzah Brawler) Rajman. I am a Mixed Martial Arts fighter with an overall record of 19-2. I earned 6 different title belts as an amateur and recently have turned pro.1601416_642188669168036_875959516_n I was born in the Bronx, NY and moved to Florida at the age of four. Although there was never much money in my family, I feel very blessed to have been one of seven well supported kids. As a teen I got myself into a lot of trouble with drugs and the law before catching on. I’m most happy and successful when I can help or at least maybe inspire the people around me. MMA has been that for me, certainly my family has been tremendously supportive but I’ve been amazed how many others have as well.

I train at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, which is often ranked the the best MMA gym in the country, I really stumbled upon it and have been there about 7 years now. ATT is one of the biggest blessings in my life. We have world class coaches, too many to list, 50 plus pro fighters as training partners, virtual-thumbmore pros coming in from around the world every month and really just a gym full of people who help each other. As a fighter I find great importance in technique but I’ve mostly had success beating opponents wherever I can smell the advantage, even it that means fighting against the cage, pushing a sickening pace or just trying for longer and harder than the other guy. Training as a pro at ATT means knowing that the best guys in the world are going to pound on you everyday and still showing up more and more than your opponent. If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun. It’s made me into the fighter I am.

Outside of MMA I spend a lot of time with family and my community. I was raised with a Jewish education and in the past 5 years have really focused a lot more on my relationship with G-d. Observant Judaism can be very time consuming and to me that’s a good thing, Another way for me to use what I’ve learned over the past ten years has been by learning and teaching “real life, street self defense”. Competition is excellent for me but some people don’t want to be cage fighters and that’s okay. Everyone has the responsibility to protect themselves though and I really love to spread martial arts and all that comes with it. My last consistent hobby has really become cooking. I think I like food a bit too much. I started with it cause I needed to make food for my weight cuts, before that I couldn’t turn on a stove top, Now it’s grown to where I cook meals for the family and friends every week for the Sabbath.  The way I was raised guests are welcome, doors are open if you reach out me. I take that day and get my head off of MMA for a bit.  But I think it the effect it has on a me as a person doesn’t really leave me.

In the gym you often hear things like “Don’t give up!”, Don’t look tired!”, “Figure it out!”. I often have to tell myself these things outside of the gym. Sure, spirituality gives a person a sense of restraint and a desire to act in a commendable way which is important for a fighter. Cooking and being nutrition conscious is good for a fighter and so is self defense. The main point though, is that everything I learn in martial arts, leaves the fight with me and becomes my character. Long story short it seems my keys to success in and out of the gym are to let my head rule over my heart, to use my body and physical resources properly and to put my training to use in every situation.

Thanks again to MMA Futures for allowing me to share my perspective with you, I love this site and all they are doing for the upcoming fighters in this sport. I hope other fighters just find what works for them and stick to it. If your a fighter or not, if you want something stay at it. Dreams come true even if you doubted it once or twice. Love and good wishes, thanks for your time.

Aaron “The Matzah Brawler” Rajman

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