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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]Matt Bentley, former MMA fighter and now personal trainer and fight coach at Mick Doyle’s Gym in Omaha, Nebraska spoke to MMA Futures – Coaches Corner about fighting, training, philosophy and life.

Bentley started training with Mick Doyle at the age of seven after his father was killed by a drunk driver. Matt had his first Muay Thai bout at the age of nine. He won a national amateur title in Muay Thai along with some amateur titles in boxing and kickboxing. But Matt is best known for his long career in Mixed Martial Arts.

Matt feels as though he has come full circle at this point in his life. Mick Doyle’s Gym gave him positive roles models early in his life and now he is giving back as a youth coordinator at the gym. Matt discusses his relationship with his fighters and the gym. Matt gives an inside look at the training, diet, lifestyle and ups and downs that go along with training at the premier level.

Matt believes that there is a distinction between fighters and Martial Artists. Matt’s philosophy about a Martial Arts’ lifestyle is unique and inspirational. Click on the video link to see the entire interview. Matt Bentley – Coaches Corner

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