Making the Cut – Week 7

*Disclaimer – Okay, I want to start this off by saying, I don’t think anyone needs a free handout, people should work for what they want and need.

I’m honestly a little irritated this week.  A gym that I respect and felt I had a good relationship with is not letting me train to do this article for free anymore. mma-gym21I get it, everybody needs to make money. I’m just disappointed that I can’t afford to pay a membership fee and promote their gym for free. So, I have to adjust my training regimen and find another trainer and place to work on this article.  I’m not training to be an elite athlete, I’m just trying to learn the sport from the best local trainers I know. Now I will have to use  trainers from elsewhere.

In the last week I’ve managed several things, I’ve done boxing training for 3 weeks straight.  I also added in weight training 2 days last week, I would like to get that to 3 or 4 this week. And  I will be in town for the 1st full week since I started this, I think I can do it.  My diet… well… It’s my diet, I really need to talk to a nutritionist and get my diet on the right track, if I had to rate my diet like a KBB car I’d rate it “average.”  I try but I just take the easy way out way to often.  13917166950004412572I think I’ve eaten out for lunch 3 times already this week, today I did fried chicken for lunch. I will be trying some meal prep this weekend and see if that helps me out, the only problem is when I’ve tried that before my roommates eat it, scoundrels.

I know this weeks blog isn’t very in depth I’ll do my best to get back on the right track next week with my blog and my diet.

Tip of the week –

Find a gym that works for you, every gym is different different clientele, different goals and ideas.  Some gyms aren’t a good fit for certain people, why would you go to a full fledged gym if all you really want to do is Yoga?  Go to a place that specializes in yoga your experience will be much more fulfilling.


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