Making the Cut – Week 5

Well here we are 20% of my way into this thing.  This last week I’ve learned that traveling and eating clean is very difficult, especially when you are going to somewhere you used to live and have a bunch of things you miss. So to be honest, I found a way to make an excuse to eat at Tijuana Flats, IMG_20140913_140815475Waffle House, and under the pressure of not having eaten all day I ate at Chic-Fil-a.  Obviously none of these places are places I should be eating.  That being said, most wereduring a moment of weekness, I was hungry.  I also used the excuse of “I’m on vacation” which I wasn’t, I was on a business trip it just happened to be to Florida, to drink a bunch of beer.  On a positive not I did manage to get out and run while I was there, I put in 2 miles one morning, and one of the other days I probably put 7-10 miles on my feet at an event.


My simple goals for this week –

IMG_20140918_192218991_HDRlast weeks goal was to stay away from artificial sweeteners, and I failed at that. So that will be a goal for this week.  I will also work to get my fitness plan to the next level.  I’ve found excuses to get out of excersing about half the days this week.  My goal is to try and make sure I accomplish something 5 days of the next 7. I will also be doing my 1st boxing class this Saturday at Premier Combat Center with coach Danny Molina.


Tip of the week –

Drink a large glass of ice water 1st thing in the morning, the more the better.  This does you a to of good, it makes your muscles and joints function better.  This also is said to jumpstart your metabolism as it has to work to keep itself worm.


So… Until next week – cutting over time is easier than cutting the week of.

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