Making the Cut – Week 4

In any worthwhile endeavor, you will reach a point when it is easier to walk away than it is to continue.  That is where I am now, with this fitness blog. For the first couple of weeks, it was fairly simple to set a plan and follow it.  Once you get past that, it’s a daily struggle to make the right decisions.  I know over the last week I’ve made some poor decisions. pizzaI didn’t pass up that slice of pizza, I actually had 3 slices. I didn’t get out of bed in the morning to go run those damn hills, etc.  But I firmly believe that knowing I’ve made bad decisions is part of the process because I obviously know what I should be doing, I’m just not doing it. In comparison my roommate is discovering how bad his diet and habits are by realizing I couldn’t do that.

The last week for me has been about a couple of things: hillsFirst, to get going on my strength and conditioning plan. I honestly just received it yesterday, but I’ve been out running hills a few times a week while waiting for it.  My current strength and conditioning plan is very simple.  Run 5 hills, do 25 jumping jacks, 3 burpees, rinse and repeat 4X.  Today was the 1st time I did it, and of course I did it after eating dinner, so I was only able to complete 2 sets.  sodaSecond, to eliminate artificial sweeteners (diet soda).  I’ve been successful with that to this point. I’ve been drinking more water and tea but finding something to replace that soda is tough (and usually, high calorie). So hopefully I will get past the feeling of needing that sweet drink.

Tip of the week

Something I was taught a few years back.  When you go grocery shopping stay on the outside of the store. These products are more natural and contain less preservative.  Only walk into the aisles if you know what you are looking for.

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