Making the Cut – Week 3

Well, here we are again, another week down.  I’m going to do this a little differently this week. I’ll give you my rundown, and then I have some tips.

Lets start with my week:  Last week I was sicker than I thought; Thursday, I actually slept my entire day away and thought I might have pneumonia but hey, I survived.  Getting sick has actually set me back a little bit as today was the 1st time I got out and exercised in over a week.  I celebrated my 1st cheat day and over did it. Once I figured it out,  turns out I had almost 4000 calories that day, damn! If what I am told is correct, it shouldn’t matter as my body will just pass the stuff its not used too.  Now that I’ve gotten through the 1st couple of weeks it’s time to change my diet a little. After dropping right around 12lbs in 2 weeks, Im still on low carb but adding in low fat. Next week will be a real challenge as I’ll be giving up artificial sweeteners, which translates to no soda and no caffeine after my coffee in the morning.  Next week will also be the beginning of strength training. I’m told the best way to loose weight at this point is to convert my fat to muscle. Justin Weaver, who is doing my strength and conditioning plan, describes the idea of building muscle early like this. [pullquote] “A car with more horsepower burns more gasoline, and that’s how the body works, the more muscle, horsepower, you have the more calories, fuel, you burn while doing nothing.” [/pullquote]


Okay now on to a couple of tips-Eggs1_1


1) I found it simply amazing how much removing the yolks from eggs can change the dietary substance of the egg.  The yolks are great, but simply removing it makes the incredible edible egg so much healthier, and I’m always after simple solutions to things I already like.


2225236730 Orange Peel Medium Serving Bowl_300dpi2) One of my biggest issues with diet is over eating, I had a friend of mine bring me a great little idea, and it was simple. He placed a bowl in front of me and told me “I don’t care what you put in here, but you can only eat what fits in this bowl. You can refill it every 3 hours not before.”  The idea here is this allows the stomach to shrink, same idea a gastric bypass, but done naturally.

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