Making the Cut – Week 2

This is the kind of stuff that makes it into my office all week

Okay, lets be honest. I didn’t go into making the cut thinking it would be easy, and honestly I haven’t started training yet, so it’s only going to get harder. But let me put this out there, my “friends” and co-workers suck! Okay let me explain. My roommate thinks it’s cool to keep ice cream in the freezer, which makes me want some, but I can deal with that. I get worse when last week I think a co-worker had a birthday everyday, and for some reason BIRTHDAY= shit I can’t eat, whether it be cookies or cupcakes or ice cream. Then to pile on I got invited to my friends party over the weekend, I told her I would show with one caveat, she had to have something there I could eat, that turned out to be a cheese tray with some salami on it. SALAMI! that’s the best you could do? But I will say she did have some bomb bacon wrapped asparagus that was nearly gone when I got there. Needless to say I spent my evening drinking diet soda, yeah I know but this low carb thing makes me tires all the time, and eating the salami she so generously left for me. She’ll probably read this and I hope she knows I’m just kidding, but honestly this I have found is what I see everywhere I go.

Apple pie
My roommate decided to make apple pie this weekend, yet another thing not on my diet

This week has really been a week of making good decisions, order the widow maker burger with no bun but cheat and not take the cheese off, or go with the salmon and steamed green beans. I believe I made the harder, more healthy choice, each and every time. Cooking at home has become easier, as I’ve found a few things that I can eat regularly that aren’t terrible for me. I’ve been throwing away a ton of egg yolks though, even though my roommate gives me crap about it. But I do it because nothing scares me more about this challenge than failing, and that is not something I am willing to do. I will admit I think I went over on carbs and calories once last week, those damn nuts get me every time. But I made up for it, I didn’t eat for like 48hrs while I was sick.

The end of week 2 is almost upon me. I will say having this one day every couple of weeks to indulge makes it easier to stay clean in the meantime. Saturday I will be having a Large Reese’s Blizzard and maybe a slice or 2 of pizza. I’m going to try not to over indulge, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping week three to start some strength training, and upping my cardio but I’ll leave that up to the boss Grey Hat Justin Weaver.

I’m also thinking of tossing a recipe that I like each week, onto the blog, maybe help you find some new joys, I would love you guys and gals to send me some too.

Until Next time – Nate

PS below are my week 2 pics, for some reason people seem to want to see the progress 😉

Nate Week 2
Nate Week 2

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