Making the Cut – Week 11

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell here we are another week into this making the cut thing.This week has been rather discouraging. After putting in hard work for a couple of weeks, I’ve started to have some pain in my wrist. After speaking to my doctor friend we’ve come to the conclusion that it may be tendinitis.  No big deal, the biggest issue is, it is going to mess up my routine for a few days and set me back in the gym.  I’m doing this to make myself healthier so doing damage to my body doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense.

Before the injury, I was making good progress in the gym. I had reached the first full-day of training unable to complete.  Mainly because I’m overweight and can’t lift my own bodyweight to do dips or pull ups.  41V2JZWKAWL._SY300_Other than that my presumed lifting maximums are up at least 20% across the board after only two weeks. Although my weight has really stayed the same, somewhere around 255 I do feel I’m converting much of that mass into muscle. 6a00e008cd6c2b883401156fb80558970b-320wiAnd apparently I’m looking thinner as when I walked into do media day for Dynasty Combat Sports last week many people said how good I looked. As far as the food side of things I looked into a couple of meal planning programs; was the online planning service that really stuck out to me, they offer plans for 1-2 people and offer several types of plans including clean eating, and watching calories.  But I’m not sure that is what is going to be best for me. I’m really contemplating working with Meal Solutions, as they are big supporters of MMA here in Nebraska, and local to me.


Tip of the week-

This weeks tip is dealing with bumps along the way.  No matter what you do in life your going to run into roadblocks. Don’t just keep hitting your head on the roadblock, take a step back evaluate and come up with a solution. You’ll never get anywhere trying to force your way through and immovable force.

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