Making the Cut : Week 1

MAKING THE CUT:  Week 1 (8-20-14)

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Nathan Rogers, I am 32 years old and one of the founders of MMA Futures.  I am not a fighter, and really have no intention to become one. So why would I decide to eat and train like an MMA fighter? I’d be lying if I did not that say being 32 and single was not part of it. But my main goal is to make myself healthier.


I have been around the MMA world for just almost 2 years and one thing I can say about these competitors is that they are in shape.  I have the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches out there, and I’ll be the 1st to admit it, I’ve always wanted to be a ninja.

I started this journey by doing many things to establish my current level of health and fitness, most of the numbers are just that, ‘numbers’. If you’re interested, I will be keeping them updated here at “Making the Cut Numbers.” For those that don’t want to calculate all that,  the gist of it is, I’m overweight.  I have high cholesterol and my glucose levels are getting to a point that my doctors may start to worry.  I can’t maintain a jog for a mile and I can’t do many push-ups. I mean overall I’m just out of shape and have a long way to go.

I have seen so many fighters deal with weight cuts, that is why this is called “Making the Cut”. I’ve decided if I were a fighter I’d probably be a light Heavyweight, although I’m a long ways from competing with Jon “Bones” Jones, in 180 well 181 days, had to make it a Friday.  February 13, 2015,  I plan to step on a scale and weigh in at 205 that’s a 65lb weight cut and I’m not doing it in a few weeks like many of these guys. I just want to get myself to a “Walking Weight” of about 225.  I feel if I can get there and that all my other risk factors will go way down to manageable levels.

What I’m doing is an open book.  If you want to know I will tell you every meal and workout.  But that makes for a boring post once a week.  I will change up my routine every week and I will give you an idea of what obstacles I run into and how I overcome them.


Up to this point week one has been pretty rough.  I’ve decided for the 1st two weeks of this my goal is to cut some unnecessary fat so I’m cutting carbs, especially complex carbs like breads pasta and such. Also cutting out one of my biggest vices; dairy, I love cheese and ice cream and tend to overindulge.  Day 1 was super rough, I didn’t think I could eat anything but then after evaluating ended up having a burger from hardees with no bun.  After a fun night of fights and then the after party, and no I didn’t have any alcohol, I then had an omlette for breakfast, had a conversation with fighter Gaston “Tonga” Renyo (@GastonRenyo) he informed me “You never start dieting on a Saturday, you always start on Monday”(Just wanted you all to know so you don’t make the same mistake). As the week has gone on it has gotten easier and it sure helps that I’m back home.  One thing I will say about cutting the carbs is I’m tired, I’m hoping this passes because I do plan on staying low carb until I get to the more intense workouts.  Lets talk about my workouts this week, I’m starting small and trying to get myself in shape.  Saturday my fancy fitness band told me I walked 12,000 steps, or just over 6 miles.  That’s not a bad start and equals burned calories so that was enough for me on that super busy day.  Sunday we traveled most of the day so I didn’t get much done.  Monday I walked the 2.75mile trip around the lake by my house.  And today, I did some interval running around the lake, I pushed myself as far as I could and ran for about 1 mile of the 2.75 mile trip.

Update coming next week…


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