Kilistina Makihele vs Jozette Cotton – DCS 12 Validation

MMA Futures FIGHT OF THE WEEK this week is – Kilistina Makihele vs Jozette Cotton – Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation

Touted as one of ‘s tussles to watch in January, this fight did not disappoint.

Round 1 –

Cotton takes the center of the cage and calmly begins walking down Makihele and connects with a solid kick and uses straight punches to keep Makihele from advancing. Makihele stays in the pocket and connects with a combination before Cotton swarms with strikes and presses Makihele against the cage. Jozette knees the thigh of Makihele then backs off. Using a double jab and round kick Cotton is circling Makihele. Both fighters connect with punches while staying calm, Cotton clinches and connects with a knee before they break. Cotton checks the kick of Makihele and the two exchange as the round ends.

Round 2 –

Makihele takes the center of the cage but is pushed back by the jab of Cotton, Cotton connects with a big punch and lands a combination before Makihele covers up and counters. Cotton connects with leg kicks as she slips punches from Makihele and pummels against the cage. Cotton connects with a big head kick and follows it up with another while using head movement to set up combinations. The two begin to slug against the cage before circling out, Jozette taunts Makihele and pushes her back with punches. The crowd begins cheering “Defense” as Jozette continues to use head movement and connects with punches as the round ends.

Round 3 –

Makihele opens up with kicks, Cotton countering with jabs and coming over the top with a right hand. Cotton taunts Makihele and rocks her, pressuring against the cage Cotton knees the thigh of Makihele. Cotton pulls the legs out from under Makihele and takes her down only for Makihele to grab a leg of her own. The two clinch fight and break away to meet at the center of the cage where Cotton slips the punches of Makihele to connect with punches and kicks of her own. Makihele returns fire but both fighters are tiring, Cotton throws a looping right hand and it hits its mark. With 10 seconds left, Cotton swarms Makihele until the round ends.

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