Katharina Lehner: The “German Gypsy”

Katharina Lehner

Katharina Lehner is a German professional boxer and mixed martial artist who has competed in Bellator and Invicta. She is also a former contestant on the reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter.” Lehner is currently affiliated with the Elevation Fight Team and is known for her powerful calve kick.

Lehner’s journey to becoming a successful MMA fighter has not been an easy one. She has spoken about the importance of discipline and hard work, and the need to be more disciplined than 90% of the world’s population to succeed in this sport. Despite the challenges she has faced, Lehner is known for her sense of humor and positive attitude.

One of Lehner’s most significant accomplishments as a fighter is being the only German athlete to have won fights in the United States. She describes herself as a “German gypsy” and finds solace in spending time in her garden outside of reading and cooking.

Lehner’s ultimate goal is to earn a UFC contract, but she knows that this requires a lot of hard work and dedication. She emphasizes the importance of balance in life and not letting fighting become one’s entire identity. Instead, she encourages everyone to find what works for them, whether it be meditation, breathing exercises, or something else entirely.

When it comes to fighting, Lehner finds motivation in the feeling of having her hand raised in victory, but also recognizes the reality of getting submitted or losing a fight. She stresses the importance of being open to learning and adjusting, as well as working on oneself to be the best version of oneself in and out of the ring.

On June 24, Lehner will face Elizabeth Phillips in a highly anticipated matchup, at Elite Championship Fighting (ECF). Lehner is grateful for the support of her team, family, and close friends, as well as those who support her financially through her OnlyFans account.

In summary, Katharina Lehner is a talented and hardworking MMA fighter who has achieved a great deal in her career so far. Her positive attitude and dedication to balance make her a role model for anyone pursuing a difficult goal.