Kansas City Fighting Alliance – Fight for your Bike II

Saturday Kansas City Fighting Alliance brings you the second edition of their Fight for your Bike professional MMA Tournament.  Last year KCFA brought us on heck of a sick bantamweight tournament with ATTHD’s Chucka Willis taking home a 2014 Harley Davidson after he put down 6 rounds of fighting in one night.  This years event shouldn’t be any different.  They have found 4 of the toughest Featherweight fighters in the area, Andrew Carrillo, Rodney Borden, Danny Tims, and MMA Futures Grey Hat Grant Dawson.

We are going to break down each of these fighters, we’ll start with the oldest and work down


BordenRodney Borden

Rodney is the oldest competitor in this competition at 38 years of age.  He is also the least experience with only 3 professional bouts but all three being wins.  But don’t count this submission artist, he’s proven he can beat Carrillo submitting him via rear naked choke in his last bout.  After taking more than a year off you never know who may be stepping into the ring, you might be surprised this guy may surprise you with his durability and ability to submit anyone.


CarrilloBioAndrew Carrillo

Carrillo is the second oldest guy in the tournament, at 29.  Carrillo kicked off his MMA career winning 5 straight and a ton of aspiration of making it to the big show.  Since then he’s dropped 5 straight, the latest being a loss to the above mentioned Rodney Borden at BFC 22 in May of 2014.  Carrillo has taken some time off for other projects, but just can’t stay away from the sport, and the opportunity to take home a brand new motorcycle.  What a better way to get your career headed on the right trajectory than the possibility of adding 2 w’s to your record?


danny_tims_opt_1Danny Tims

Danny Tims is definitely the most decorated fighter in the tournament having been in the Bellator Bantamweight tournament, fighting on 2 other Bellator cards and a veteran of Titan FC.  That being said… Tims hasn’t fought since getting eliminated fromt he Bellator Bantamweight tournament by Jared Downing in 2010.  But this guy is still only 26 years old, he’s got a lot of years left in him and has the experience of being to the highest levels of the sport.


grant dawsonGrant Dawson

Okay, let look at it this way.  The last time any of his opponents fought he was still an amateur, and has gone on a 5-0 terror since turning pro just last August.  At only 21 years old he is also the youngest fighter in the tournament.  Dawson has only been to decision once in his career, and that was his loss, and that was as an amateur.  As a professional he’s only been taken out of the 1st round once and that was in his debut.  An exciting fighter looking to walk out of this tournament with a new Harley and more importantly to him one step closer to being at the highest level.



So who will it be?  The young gun Grant Dawson?  The guy looking to make a splash in a huge way Danny Tims?  Maybe Carrillo proves he can make a strong return.  Or maybe the 38 year old comes out and shows all these kids who’s boss.  Regardless of how you look at it this is an event you won’t want to miss.  If you can’t make it to Kansas City be sure to tune in right here on MMAFutures.com and watch the fights live!

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