Josh Neer Takes on Keyboard Warrior

This is the gym training session (video above) sending shock-waves through the MMA Community. Here’s the quick rundown of the story from what we know:

Some random guy decides that he is more than a keyboard warrior, and calls out Josh Neer for a sparring session. The guy actually shows up at Neer’s gym, 40 minutes after training starts, and wants to spar with Josh Neer. Neer sets out to teach the guy a lesson about respect and, in my opinion, throws ONE unnecessary kick. In the old days of MMA this is normal, I hear stories of Miletich’s and Jackson’s where new guys come in and get KO’d essentially as initiation, then pulled off the mat as practice continues.

Should Josh Neer have shot this video and shared it? Well that’s a good question, but yes. If you have friends that are fighters/Martial Artists, especially with big names, everywhere they go people are trying to prove something by starting a fight with them. For the most part, including Neer, they walk away and nothing comes of it. So why do I think this is justified? Maybe it will keep one guy from walking up to him in a bar and talking crap to him, making his outing a more pleasant experience. Below are a couple more tweets that we feel are relevant.

Neer felt the need to publicly tell us what had happened.

The real question is are you going to feel bad for a guy that acts like this, after taking that beating from the likes of Josh Neer?

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