Joe Guerrero vs Jorge Martinez: RFA 14 – Fight of the week

Joe Guerrero vs Jorge Martinez at RFA 14 in Cheyenne Wyoming

Guerrero entered this bout 1-1 and Martinez enters this fight 1-0 at RFA 14 and even though most of the fight was on the ground it was fast paced and fun to watch.

Guerrero took a beating for most of the 1st round and the beginning of the second to roll Martinez into a guillotine and ends up winning the fight in spectacular fashion.  Fights like this prove that never giving up and working your game you can always come out in the end.

Guerrero will be taking his first fight out of the RFA ring on March 21st to take on Nebraska Amateur 125 powerhouse Delfino Benetiz at MCF 10 in North Platte Nebraska.  You can also watch this fight live right here on

we had another fight we wanted to post this week but it is not yet available, hopefully you can see it next week.

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