Jesse Rutherford vs Delfino Benitez – DCS 12 Validation

Jesse Rutherford vs Delfino Benitez Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation,

for the Dynasty Combat Sports Amateur Flyweight title.

Round 1 –

Delfino opens up the fight with heavy kicks, Rutherford couters with a kick but Benitez catches the kick and takes down Rutherford.  Benitez drops elbows and punches from half guard, Rutherford swims for a knee bar but Benitez escapes.  Rurtherford passes Benitez’  guard only to meet Benitez back on their feet.  Benitez has cut Rutherford badly but Rutherford takes down Benitez who locks in an armbar.  Rutherord escapes, posturing up and hammering Benitez with powerful punches.  Back on their feet, Benitez boxes with Rutherford and attempts to take him down as the round ends.

Round 2 –

Rutherford opens up with looping punches but is taken down by Benitez.  They scramble back to their feet and meet in the center of the cage before tying up and pummeling against the cage.  Benitez lands a few body shots before connecting with a big body kick.  Benitez stays out of range while connecting with kicks.  Rutherford is taken down but scrambles back to his feet before pulling guard.  Benitez slips his head out and lets Rutherford back to his feet.  Both fighters exchange heavy strikes, Benitez pushing Rutherford back with kicks.  Rutherford is taken down against the cage as Benitez opens fire with hammerfists and short elbows.  Benitez takes side control and continues to pound Rutherford with elbows until the round ends.

Round 3 –

Benitez catches a leg kick and returns with a kick of his own before taking Rutherford down to the mat, Benitez slips his head out and stacks up Rutherford to pass his guard.  Benitez takes mount and transitions to an armbar but Rutherford is reluctant to tap.  Rutherford escapes and the two scramble with Benitez ending up on top.  Benitez lets Rutherford up and connects with kicks.  Benitez hammers Rutherford with leg kicks and shoots for a takedown as the round ends.

Delfino Benitez def. Jesse Rutherford via Unanimous Decision

Benitez retains Dynasty Combat Sports Flyweight Title

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