Jen Bacon vs Rebecca Wells – DCS12 Validation

Jen Bacon vs Rebecca Wells – Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation

Round 1 –

Wells meets Bacon in the center of the ring tying up and exchanging strikes, and is pressured by Bacon against the cage.  Bacon pummels and pulls Wells down to the mat, working from the guard Bacon continues to land strikes but is held tight by Wells.  Well tightens up her hard and locks in an armelmbar while taking strikes from Bacon but the submission attempt is stuffed and the two meet back in guard.  The round ends with Bacon landing heavy shots on top of Wells.

Round 2 –

Wells gets off first with a big right hand and pressures Bacon against the cage.  In the clinch Wells lands heavy strikes and knees, rocking Bacon but is then taken down against the cage.  Bacon works to pass the open guard of Wells and drops short elbows until Wells locks in a triangle choke, Bacon continues to strike while Wells tightens up her choke.  Bacon continues to defend the choke but taps seconds before the round is over, earning a 2nd round submission.

Rebecca Wells def Jen Bacon via 2nd Rd Submission(Triangle Choke)

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