Jacob “The Gerber Baby” Thrall


Meet Jacob Thrall, a professional mixed martial artist with an impressive record of 7-5-1. All of his wins have been by stoppage, showcasing his impressive striking and submission skills. He holds a BJJ purple belt and was the first fighter to step in the triad cage. But how did he get into the sport? “I wrestled in high school and I loved to fight so they kind of went hand and hand for MMA,” he explained.

Thrall’s go-to submission moves are the guillotine and rear naked choke, both of which he has used to great effect in his fights. When asked about his biggest inspirations, he immediately mentioned his grandmother, who has always supported him in his endeavors. He also credits Midwest Combat Academy and Lawrence Fight Club for their contributions to his training and success.

For Thrall, the most complete fighting style is the combination of all martial arts, and he strives to hold himself to a higher standard both inside and outside the cage. “A lot of people look up to me and I just want to pave the way for younger future fighters to show them you can come from nothing and make your dreams a reality,” he shared.

Thrall is known for being an exciting fighter, win or lose, and he aims to inspire others with his performance in and out of the cage. His dream opponent is prime TJ Dillashaw, and he hopes to be remembered as a great individual both inside and outside the cage.

When asked about his nickname, “The Gerber Baby,” he revealed that it was given to him by upperclassmen in high school and he initially didn’t like it. However, the moniker has stuck with him throughout his fighting career.

Training is a crucial part of a fighter’s success, and Thrall is no exception. Even in the “off-season,” he’s in the gym, though not as intensely as during fight camp. He believes that mental toughness is a huge factor in the sport, and while some hard sparring can be helpful, nothing truly recreates the intensity of a real fight.

His biggest win to date was at LFA 76, and he stresses the importance of being prepared for an all-out war in the cage. When it comes to coaches and trainers, Thrall values those who can understand their fighters’ mental game and help them break through tough situations.

For aspiring fighters, he advises focusing on oneself and the things one can control, rather than hyper-focusing on their opponents. Confidence is also key, as, without it, a fighter is unlikely to succeed. When asked about his upcoming fight, Thrall shared that he’ll be facing Alan Olivia’s on May 5th and is feeling confident heading into the bout.

Outside of fighting, Thrall enjoys spending time with his dogs and occasionally playing football. When it comes to his fighting style, he describes himself as cool, calm, and collected, focusing solely on the task at hand. While he may make some slight tweaks to his game plan, he believes that the mental aspect of the sport is far more crucial.

As for his future goals, Thrall hopes to make his UFC debut after winning his next title and climbing up the rankings. When asked about dream opponents, he jokingly mentioned Floyd Mayweather, saying, “for one I don’t like him and two I’m trying to get paid.”

In addition to his grandmother, Thrall’s support system includes his fiancé, Jesse Garcia, Shannon Woodward, Cody Criqui, and his father. With their help and his impressive skills, there’s no doubt that Jacob Thrall will continue to make waves in the world of MMA.

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