Israeli Fight Legend Returns

Herbrew Hammer
Ido “Hebrew Hammer” Pariente

Israeli fight legend Ido Pariente returns to the gym where he started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Lincoln Martial Arts Center will be hosting a six-day seminar with Ido Pariente, February 20-22 and February 27 through March 1st. This is a rare opportunity to meet and train with one of Europe and the Middle East’s top MMA athletes. Ido’s face is everywhere in Israel and Europe endorsing everything from soft drinks to fight techniques. It is not often that the Midwest gets a chance to train with such an international legend. There will be six, three-hour sessions separated into conditioning, striking and ground.You can REGISTER NOW at Lincoln Martial Arts Center. The price for the the three-day basic training class is $90 and the advanced class is$90 but you can get all 6 days for just $150.

John Roseberry – Then and Now

MMA Futures is one of the sponsors for the seminar and we will be covering the event before during and after with video and press coverage. MMA Futures caught up with Gary Gablehouse of LMAC to talk about the event and his relationship with Ido. Gary talked about the maturity of Ido at the age of 22. “I have never seen anyone with that level of maturity at that age. He was a unique student and human being,” says Gabelhouse. When asked, how well do you know Ido, Gabelhouse replied, “Ido came to Lincoln (Nebraska) to train at our dojo under our teacher, John Roseberry.  He spent 6-8 hours every day training in the dojo–that is all he did for two years.  When MMA just started to come on the scene (and when it was illegal in Lincoln), Ido fought in the initial tournaments in Omaha at the armory.  After it was legalized, Roseberry and I were Ido’s corner men.  He started to dominate Judo, Karate, and Boxing at the Cornhusker State Games, and studied with the Machado brothers and Gracies in California.” When asked, have you kept in touch with Ido over the years, Gabelhouse replied, “When Ido went back to Israel, he really began to evolve into a solid MMA fighter.  After his appearances on THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER TV program, he started having quality matches which included opponents like Jake Shields, etc.  He still dominates Israel and Europe, but has turned more to teaching and operates the Pariente MMA Academy in Tel Aviv.”

MMA Futures hopes to make these seminars an ongoing series. Please support us to keep the wheels turning and REGISTER NOW..


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