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What do Titan FC and Xbox One “Titanfall” have in common?  Well, other than a name, there are a few similarities that come to mind. I assume if you’ve made your way here you know what Titan FC is (an MMA Promotion), so, let me give you a quick synopsis of the game “Titanfall.”

Titanfall is a sci-fi game in which the universe is in a civil war, resources are low and the Militia is trying too… okay honestly the back story of this game is week, resources are low but they can make as many of these Titans as they want, and they drop from “Drop-Ships” hence the title of this piece “Incoming Titan”.  Where the game is unique is that there are several player types and you can play as a very versatile human or the super powerful titan.  Okay, enough about the game lets get to the damn point.

Much like the release of a video game Titan FC 34 had some bumps in the road, but for the most part, unapparent to the viewers on UFC Fightpass.  And in all honesty, the matchmakers and Jeff Aronson put together a great card for Titan FC’s coming out party.  I was telling people all week that every fight on the card could be a main event for a lesser promotion, or for even other regional promotions like RFA and Legacy.  I really hope this card is a sign of what’s come with this incoming Titan.

Elliot Strikes Santos
Elliot Strikes Santos

One of my favorite parts of the game Titanfall is when your a Titan and decide to strike an opposing titan as opposed to shooting it, you rip the pilot out of the cockpit and the titan explodes.  And Desmond Green’s striking power and what he did to his opponent was super reminiscent of that, I mean he just ripped the life out of his opponent with his striking early.  Green came out and made an exciting fight although it was short, and proved that he has what it take to compete with the best in his weight class.  The other end of the spectrum in the game is being a soldier running around with a P-shooter, but you can hide and avoid damage very well, and this describes the 1st title fight on the card in which Tim Elliot put on a show unlike anything I’ve seen from him recently.  Some people may say his antics where unsportsmanlike or disrespectful, but for a promotion like Titan FC, or the UFC for that matter, a personality as electric as his in and out of the ring is what puts asses in seats.

So enough with the stupid analogizes.  One of the guys that impressed me the most what Brett Johns, I’ll be honest before the fights I had no clue who the guy was.  But through sheer perseverance he walked away with a pretty lopsided victory of Anthony Gutierrez.  At the end of the night there was only one fight I was dissapointed with and that was the featherweight title bout between Andre Harrison and Kurt Holobaugh and not because it was a bad fight, it was actually a very good fight but it was a boring fight.  That being said Andre Harrison will now be facing Desmond Green and that should include some fireworks.

Titan Cage

The biggest winners of Titan FC 35.

Jason Witt, probably had Joe Silva looking at him pretty close now.

Brett Johns, if he had made weight this probably would have gotten him on a UFC card sooner than later.  He’ll probably have to prove he can make weight before he’ll get that fight now.  That being said he gained alot of fans, including myself by fighting a fight he was told not to and overcoming everything.

Desmond Green, He already has the next featherweight title fight at 145 and is a dynamic enough and exciting enough fighter I’d be surprised if he makes it to that fight before going to the UFC.

UFC Fightpass, Subscribers and fans got one hell of a card and proved that Titan should be on fightpass, now they just have to follow that card up with one just as good.

The Biggest losers of Titan FC 35

KC fight fans, with no real AC in the building I understand why people didn’t stick around for the full event, but I’m not sure why this show didn’t sell out, in a relatively small venue.

Gutierrez kick Johns
Gutierrez kick Johns

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez, that’s a fight that he should win, Johns comes off a terrible weight cut and apparently a bum knee and Gutierrez doesn’t shut him down in the 4th and 5th rounds.

Cody Bollinger another guy that is known for not making weight on TUF, but he’s had 2 terrible performances on Titan expect his next couple fights to be at the local promotion level

And to put it in a bow

At the end of the day this event was a huge success for the promotion, and when I have fighters that have fought for many promotions, including Bellator telling me “I want to fight for this promotion” that says something.  The viewers on fightpass got one hell of a show.  Titan FC has some growing to do and some things to figure out, but they are very possibly one of the top regional shows around.

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