Ignite Fights Presents: No Mercy XIX – A Night of Unforgettable Action


The adrenaline-pumping event, Ignite Fights Presents: No Mercy XIX, treated fight fans to a spectacular showcase of skill, heart, and determination. From the intense MMA battles to the exhilarating Muay Thai matchups, the night was filled with unforgettable moments. Let’s dive into the highlights and results of this thrilling event:

MMA Results:

Main Event: Nick Klein vs. Collin Huckbody
The main event lived up to its hype as Pura Vida’s Nick Klein displayed his dominance in the cage. After a hard-fought battle, Klein secured a victory in round 3 with a remarkable Rear-Naked Choke (RNC), forcing Collin Huckbody to submit. Klein’s tenacity and superior grappling skills were instrumental in his well-deserved win.

Co-Main Event: Jordan Clark vs. Jamie Naasz
In a co-main event that will be talked about for years to come, Jordan Clark unleashed a rare and jaw-dropping technique. With lightning-fast precision, Clark executed a Kickstand Knee Bar in round 1, leaving the crowd in awe. His exceptional technique and timing propelled him to a resounding victory over Jamie Naasz.

Other MMA Results:

  • Amir Murad demonstrated his expertise in grappling, securing a victory in round 3 with a Von Flue Choke against Bodie Sheehan.
  • Canon Swanson showcased his versatility with a bicep slicer in round 2, earning him a well-deserved win over Thad Becker.
  • Matthew Totay exhibited his skill and strategy, ultimately claiming a decision win over Aaron Skipitaris.
  • Jack Carpenter wasted no time, locking in a Rear-Naked Choke in round one to defeat Leroy Lacross.

Muay Thai Results:

Muay Thai Main Event: Sean Nonhof vs. CJ Hayes
The Muay Thai main event left the crowd on their feet as Sean Nonhof displayed his explosive striking power. With precision and relentless pressure, Nonhof secured a Round 2 TKO victory over CJ Hayes, showcasing his skill and determination in the ring.

Other Muay Thai Results:

  • Tyler Herk showcased his technical prowess, earning a decision win over Angel Salazar.
  • Richard Dralu demonstrated his dominance, claiming a decision win over JJ Duran.
  • Hannah Ledford exhibited her superior technique, securing a decision win over Jenny Brudwick.
  • Chris Boakai displayed his mastery of the sport, earning a decision win over Rodolfo Tello.
  • Joe Sebast showcased his skills with a decision win over Ciaran Daly.
  • Mairead Kane’s strategic approach led to a decision win over Hannah Johnson.

Ignite Fights Presents: No Mercy XIX was a night to remember, filled with awe-inspiring performances and fierce competition. The fighters showcased their dedication, skill, and the unbreakable spirit of combat sports. As fans eagerly anticipate the next Ignite Fights event, the bar has been set high for future spectacles of athleticism and heart.