I Hate Being Suspended

While the NFL struggles with concussions, the UFC and other promotions proudly point out their medical record. MMA is the most regulated sport in the world. I would like to point out how referees jump in to prevent fighters in trouble from further damage, how doctors and ambulances are on hand fight night and the extensive pre- and post-fight tests its athletes are subjected to.

zach h 2MMA Fighters undergo annual tests to maintain their license to fight. And athletic commissions impose post-fight medical suspensions, varying on the degree of damage taken. If I take any damage to the head, they put me on a two-month suspension. I am currently on a two-month medical suspension and cannot return until November 5th.

I know MMA Fighters don’t take the damage that NFL players or boxers or guys from the NHL. And guys in the NFL and the NHL can’t miss two months. If guys missed two months for a concussion, there’d be no football or hockey. That’s the difference between MMA and other sports. I get it; this sport is a million times safer. It just sucks when you have to live through it.

I am always hoping for that phone call from promoters saying, “Hey, we had a guy drop out. Would you be willing to step up?” Because I’m always ready to go. When I’m suspended I know that phone call is never going to come. Being on suspension also makes it hard to plan for your next fight due to the fact you don’t know which promoters will be putting on shows around the time you will be getting off of your suspension.

Pinnacle_Bank_ArenaLuckily for me, Dynasty Combat Sports puts on shows nearly once a month. We have a great relationship and they always have someone in mind that would be a good match up for me.   I’m currently 40 days into 60-day suspension for a KO loss to Michael Duffy but I’m already scheduled to take on Ethan Hopp in Lincoln NE, December 5th. I heard about that huge show at the Pinnacle Bank Arena and I want to be a part of it.

All in all, I know that the medical suspensions are good for the sport and in the long run I will appreciate it, but right now I am ready and willing to fight. And in 20 days I will be able…

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