Halloween Havoc: A Frightening Lineup of Fights Unveiled for Omaha’s MMA Enthusiasts

As the fall season casts its enchanting spell over the heartland of America, the anticipation for Friday, October 13th is building to a feverish crescendo. But fear not, for this is no ordinary Friday the 13th; instead, it promises a thrilling spectacle that is set to send shivers down your spine. “Halloween Havoc,” brought to you by Dynasty Combat Sports, is about to grace the Liberty 1st Credit Union, just a stone’s throw from Omaha in Ralston, Nebraska. This eagerly awaited event will be available to a worldwide audience via live Pay-Per-View streaming on MMAFutures.live, offering a night of high-octane mixed martial arts action.

The complete fight card is nothing short of a cavalcade of excitement and talent, featuring both established local favorites and rising stars. Without further ado, let’s unravel the heart-pounding lineup from the main event down to the first fight of the night:

Main Event: Brady Minner vs. Jonas Flok (170 lbs)

Headlining the event is a clash in the welterweight division that promises to set the arena ablaze. Brady Minner and Jonas Flok are two seasoned fighters, and this main event is poised to be an electrifying showcase of skill, strength, and strategy.

M.A. Yah Li vs. Ben Goodwin (170 lbs)

In the co-main event, M.A. Yah Li and Ben Goodwin will throw down in another high-stakes welterweight battle. With both fighters hungry for victory, this matchup is sure to deliver fireworks.

Sean Wilson vs. Shaine Moffitt

Stepping into the cage, the lightweight division welcomes Sean Wilson and Shaine Moffitt. Expect a clash of styles, with the potential for exciting exchanges on the feet and the ground.

Kole Gray vs. Corey Roberts (155 lbs)

The lightweight category sees Kole Gray square off against Corey Roberts. These fighters are poised to showcase their skills and tenacity in a division known for its speed and precision.

Tyler Bordeaux vs. Isaiah Robinson (170 lbs)

Welterweight action continues with Tyler Bordeaux facing Isaiah Robinson. Both fighters are determined to secure a victory, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

Antoine Tureaud vs. M. Rodriguez (150 lbs)

In a catchweight bout, Antoine Tureaud takes on M. Rodriguez. These fighters are stepping up for a unique challenge, and fans can expect a memorable battle.

Tucker Charron vs. Derek Henkens (125 lbs)

The flyweight division gets its turn as Tucker Charron goes head-to-head with Derek Henkens. With exceptional speed and agility, this fight is sure to be a highlight.

Noah Oellerich vs. Alex Garcia (135 lbs)

Bantamweight action arrives with Noah Oellerich and Alex Garcia. Both fighters are expected to demonstrate their prowess in a division teeming with talent.

Daniel Carr vs. Hunter Green (155 lbs)

The lightweight division shines again as Daniel Carr takes on Hunter Green. These fighters are ready to give it their all in a bout that could go the distance.

Jordan Theisen vs. Josh Junge (135 lbs)

In a bantamweight clash, Jordan Theisen and Josh Junge promise to deliver a thrilling contest. Expect tenacity and relentless action from these fighters.

Zack Krebbs vs. Christian Mueller (265 lbs)

The heavyweight division is showcased with Zack Krebbs and Christian Mueller entering the fray. In this weight class, one punch can change the course of a fight, making this bout even more suspenseful.

Bryan Alvarado vs. Axel Terrazas (145 lbs)

As the curtain-raiser of the night, Bryan Alvarado takes on Axel Terrazas in the featherweight division. Don’t be fooled by their lighter weights; these fighters are set to kick off the event with a bang.

With such a spine-tingling lineup of fights, “Halloween Havoc” is a must-watch for MMA aficionados. Whether you’re a local fan or a viewer from afar, be sure to tune in to MMAFutures.live on Friday, October 13th. Expect an evening of action, excitement, and surprises, as fighters look to haunt their opponents and leave it all in the cage. “Halloween Havoc” is the perfect way to celebrate this eerie Friday the 13th with adrenaline-pumping mixed martial arts.

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