Fight Hard MMA: Lawrence


Fight Hard MMA brings Professional & Amateur MMA to the Open Pavilion at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday, October 2nd.  Get your tickets at or WATCH LIVE on Pay Per View, exclusively on MMA Futures.    

Pro Heavyweight Main Event 

Bubba Grant vs Reggie Cato  

Pro Bantamweight Feature Fight 

Alan Olivas vs Aj Siscoe 

Pro Featherweight Feature Fight

Muhammad Zwolak vs Rico Tally  

Pro Lightweight Bout

 Deron Carlis vs Jake Willyard  

Amateur Bouts

135- Ty Schrader (5-2) vs Danny Floyd 5-1 

125- Cameron Cash (6-3) vs Matthew Evans (6-3)

155- Kade Warren (2-0) vs Christian Hamlett (6-4) 

145- Austin Spangler (Debut) vs Alan Leanos (1-0) 

145- Sam Coronado (Debut) vs Logan Blow (1-1) 

155- Tune Alawade (Debut) vs Je’Vonte Dyke (1-0) 

170- Davante Ridley (Debut) vs Javontay Knight (Debut)

*Fight card subject to change