Fight Fans, William Joplin Needs Our Help

The world of MMA is a close one, regardless if you are in the UFC, Bellator or any number of regional promotions out there.

Fighters train together from all over the world under one roof, so when one of our own suffers, as well suffer.

William Joplin watched as pancreatic cancer took his mother, Janet Darnell, eight months ago. Now, he’s battling the same disease.

Shelley Joplin, William’s brother, has created a GoFundMe account with hopes of raising money to help William survive what might be his final few months on this Earth.

According to her post, “I am looking for friends and family to possibly help him with living expenses and medical costs as he will not be able to work enough to support himself in what may be his last months of life.”

The 40-year-old Joplin scored a victory this past April over Emeka Ifekandu at DCS 41: Spring Break. He is 16-15 overall in his career, which includes bouts for Bellator, Legacy Fighting Alliance, Victory Fighting Championship and Titan FC.

From April 2011 through March 2014, Joplin was 7-0 with four submission wins.

In just about a single day, the account has reached over $8,000 through 85 donors.

If you can contribute, please, go to the account set up by Shelley on GoFundMe.

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