Ethan Hopp vs James Kanott – DCS 12 Validation

Ethan Hopp vs. James Kanott – Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation

Round 1 –

Hopp takes the center of the cage swarming Kanott with strikes but is pressured against the cage before reversing Kanott and accidentally hits him with an illegal blow.  The referee warns Hopp while Kanott gathers himself.  The two clinch against the cage exchanging dirty boxing, Hopp takes to the body while pressuring Kanott against the cage.  Kanott connects with a knee but is quickly pushed back against the cage.  Hopp knees the thighs of Kanott and pummels for underhooks.  Kanott breaks free and tees of on Hopp.   Hopp rocks Kanott and pushes him against the cage as the round ends.

Round 2 –

Hopp fires a few punches before rocking Kanott but is quickly pressured against the cage, both work dirty boxing in the clinch while Hopp defends the takedown of Kanott.  Kanott connects with a big spinning backfist but is reversed against the cage by Hopp and both begin sluggling it out.  Hopp pressures Kanott against the cage and hammers him to the body.  Kanott tries to break free but Hopp connects with a big elbow.  Hopp works hard in the clinch digging into the bodyshots as the round ends.

Round 3 –

Both fighters clinch in the center of the cage and Hopp pushes Kanott back to the cage and picked up where he left off in round 2, hammering Kanott with bodyshots.  Kanott seems to have no answer for Hopps offense other than to grab Hopps neck but then breaks free with a flurry of powershots rocking Hopp against the cage knocking down a media monitor.  The two are separated but Hopp quickly pushes Kanott back against the cage.  Hopp picks up the intensity and tries to take down Kanott but the fight ends.

Ethan Hopp def. James Kanott via Unanimous Decision

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