Ethan Hopp vs Dan Shimkus: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

Ethan Hopp vs Dan Shimkus

Striking exchanges followed by Shimkus landing a takedown.  Hopp actively working from his back striking with Shimkus and looking for submissions.  Hopp landing significant shots from his back and nullifying most of Shimkus’ offense.  Shimkus starts landing shots at close range to finish the first round.  Secdond round begins with Shimkus working the clinch against the cage.  Hopp returns with some dirty boxing and blocks knees from Shimkus.  Shimkus connects after the breakaway and quickly returns to working the clinh against the cage.  Hopp knocks out Shimkus’ mouthpiece at the opening of round 3.  Shimkus attempts to clinch against the cage again but Hopp wizars down and continues to land strikes while both are against the cage.  Hopp with the takedown to finish round three, winning the fight with a unanimous decision.

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